plans for early 2003?

Hi all,

After about a month with Dom and myself more-or-less away from 
(regular) business, we're finally back.

This may be a good time to review our plans for (the beginning of) this 

A few questions that may be worth discussing:
- Any (technical/logistical) help needed? Anything not going quite as 
good as it should?
- Development plans (I am yet to test the newest stuff, esp. the XML 
- Hos is the Dev Team going? Too small? Should we invite other people 
- Release plans (validator's 0.6.2, publicizing the LogValidator - 
through a beta2 release- , others?)

I am yet to catch up on everything that has happened during the past 
weeks, so if I say something irrelevant, please don't hesitate to tell 

Thanks, I wish you all best for this year.

Received on Monday, 13 January 2003 20:34:11 UTC