Re: [check] New Copyright Statement (was: validator/htdocs footer.html)

On Tuesday, Jan 7, 2003, at 00:29 US/Pacific, Terje Bless wrote:
>> Modified Files: footer.html
>> Log Message:    adding new copyright statement to footer
> Why?

Oh, yes, I wanted to drop a line here about that but have had limited 
connectivity here (QAIG/WG face-to-face) so I let it slip.

Basically, that's W3C "policy" to mention its policies as much as 
possible on its "top" page. Since W3C has changed one of its hosts on 
Jan 1st, we've been trying to update the copyright/policy statements, 
and add one where missing.

The validator is one of those top pages (arguably the #1 service...) 
and lacked such a notice (there is a link to the policy in the download 
source though, IIRC). I fixed that.


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