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On Tuesday, Oct 22, 2002, at 05:03 Asia/Tokyo, Terje Bless wrote:

> Ok. Since nobody is yelling "WAIT", I'll move ahead with that at some 
> point
> during the next 24-48 hours.

As said on IRC, after discussion with Martin on the  i18n code, "go 
Let's give ourselves 24 hours for details (e.g announcement, choosing 
targets etc) and do it.

> I don't want to involve Comms in this for the beta

Ok, good.

> , but anything coming
> from is going to catch more eyes then so if you 
> want to
> take on that bit it would be great. My initial thought of where to 
> send an
> announcement includes:

> www-validator
> www-html
> Zeldman (since people keep quoting him at me)

I can do those easily, others if you want (e.g math and ER WGs).

> If anyone has more ideas then please do holler!

I think I'd also post a note (maybe not the full announcement, but a 
link to it) to the EO list (public-evangelist), plus (obviously) the 
W3C team.

> Below is a first cut of a release announcement:

Minor comments inline.

>  If you have somehow managed to find a "Mission
> Critical" use for the MarkUp Validator you are insane and should 
> probably
> be restrained to prevent doing harm to yourself. :-)

Hmm hmm. At least I'd be very clear that the danger is in the beta one. 
I don't want to carry the message that the validator is not reliable.

>     * The new design for the web interface and the website.

I'd rather avoid the word "design". Discussing the UI will be 
interesting, but I don't really want people to argue to death about 
colour, shapes, style etc.

>     * The documentation (Yes, Virginia, there really _is_ documentation
>       for the MarkUp Validator!).


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