[check] Bug 66

Terje just pointed this one at me.  I just looked at it.

Björn reports an alleged bug.  I'm not convinced, and commented:

  The bug report seems to me to be in error.  Or, more specifically, it
  hinges  on whether unescaped ö is allowed in a QUERY_STRING.  It may be
  unsafe(?), but is AFAICS nevertheless legal, so ISTM SP is working
  correctly, and the bug is in the serverside script.

  Lynx agrees:

  [nick@jarl nick]$ lynx -dump -source 
  <!ELEMENT foo (bar)>
  [nick@jarl nick]$ lynx -dump -source 
  <!ELEMENT foo (bar)>

  If someone can convince me otherwise, I could patch it fairly easily to
  escape 8-bit URIs, but I fear that could introduce serious bugs when
  working with a 16-bit charset.  So at the very least I'd have to ask on

Björn is basically saying that OpenSP should have escaped the first URL
to the second.  AFAICS it would not be wrong to do so, but neither is
it required.  Who is right?


Nick Kew

Received on Tuesday, 3 December 2002 19:14:49 UTC