Re: [ANN] New generation of the "Markup Validator" released

Olivier Thereaux <> wrote:

>On Monday, Dec 2, 2002, at 18:10 Asia/Tokyo, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:
>>BTW, if I notice small things like typos, should I go ahead and commit
>>changes myself, or send bug reports here? Either is fine with me.
>>(doing the commits directly seems more efficient)
>It's certainly OK if you commit changes yourself. However, since the
>code has been branched and all, it's probably better if you discuss it a
>bit, either on IRC or on the public-qa-dev list (it's closed to
>subscription, but feel free to add yourself), beforehand.

Hmm. And given that /source/ now points at the wrong branch we should
probably try to document the CVS branch practice.

FYI Ger, CVS HEAD is now "unstable" and stabilization towards a release
goes onto a branch. Currently we're at "validator-0_6_0-branch", with 0.6.1
(CVS Tag "validator-0_6_1-release) just out the door and, it looks like, a
0.6.2 release soon to follow.

When I decide that the situation is unacceptable for me, I'll simply fork
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