Re: [check] :8001 updated, 0.6.1 in progress...

Ville Skyttä <> wrote:

>RPMs rolled as well, and uploading to <> right

Cool! Thanks for doing this Ville! Very much appreciated!

>Terje, some last-minute CSS changes made fonts in 0.6.1 look ugly on
>RH8, Galeon/Mozilla, Konqueror and Opera.  I don't have time to
>investigate at the moment, so attached is a couple of screenshots.  Note
>in particular the monospace font in buttons.

The "ugly" fonts are intentional; though perhaps not too well considered.
In an attempt to deal with the squished fonts in Konq I tried to set an
explicit font that I know is available on Linux but not normally found on
Windows or Mac OS ("Luxi Sans"). I'm not particularly happy with the
result, but if it will cure the Konq issue I can live with it.

OTOH, it's beginning to look like we should just dispense with the fonts
alltogether and set generic families ("sans-serif") instead. I'm useless at
typography -- as I may have mentioned :-) -- so this half-assed attempt is
probably worse then useless.

The monospaced font in the buttons is intentional. I want that to stand out
since the button is the "action" on the page and it otherwise tends to
disappear in the body of the page.

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