Re: [check] :8001 updated, 0.6.1 in progress...

Terje Bless <> wrote:

>Among other things, that means HEAD is off-limits until I finish the

Ok, HEAD is merged and my template code just landed. Yay! :-)

This means HEAD is now horribly broken and will be for quite a clip until
the template code stabilizes. But it is now open for commits if anyone has
anything they want in there.

I have to admit that I'm hoping the current situation with regard to XML
Namespaces and W3C XML Schemas is a giant practical joke,   but I see no
signs of pranksters coming forward with a gleeful smile to announce that
they were just kidding.                              -- Simon St.Laurent

Received on Sunday, 1 December 2002 20:55:22 UTC