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[a11y] Minutes of Accessibility TF call (Publishing CG) held on Jan 27, 2022 Avneesh Singh (Monday, 31 January)

Now you can test and share your epub with Xu Zheng (gardenia) (Sunday, 30 January)

Webinar today Jan Steiner (Thursday, 27 January)

question regarding to letting screen reader user turn chapters Zheng Xu (Thursday, 27 January)

2022 Accessible Publishing Summit Reid, Wendy (Tuesday, 25 January)

[A11Y] Agenda of Accessibility TF meeting (Publishing CG): Thu, Jan 27, at 16 UTC Avneesh Singh (Tuesday, 25 January)

[a11y] Accessibility TF (Publishing CG) meeting: Thu, Jan 27, at 16 UTC Avneesh Singh (Wednesday, 19 January)

[a11y] Doodle poll for Publishing CG accessibility task force meeting Avneesh Singh (Thursday, 13 January)

Event Invitation: Publishing Community Group Meeting W3C Calendar (Thursday, 13 January)

Discover new usage of epub Xu Zheng (gardenia) (Tuesday, 4 January)

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