(Overdue) Introduction

Hello all, as Michael mentions me, I thought I would provide an introduction for myself. This is overdue as I have been lurking on this list for some time.

I am Phil Barker, a consultant in information systems for education, and technology to enhance learning. I currently work through Cetis LLP, now a cooperative consultancy, but until a few years ago we were based in various UK Universities and funded to support educational technology interoperability standards across UK post-secondary education. I have worked to promote the sharing of resources for teaching and learning for about 25 years, work which has included evaluation of the use of learning resources, creating online repositories / catalogues of teaching and learning resources, as well as developing and promoting interoperability standards for metadata and "content packaging".

As Michael said, I currently chair the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative's LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Innovation) working group. I also currently work on RDF/Linked data vocabularies to describe credentials (with Credential Engine [CTDL]), and how to describe and share competency descriptions (with the T3 Open Competency Network), and have had a hand in structural and pedagogic metadata for exchanging curriculum content and material [OCX].

It's probably clear from my background that most of my interest regarding this group is in the Education Task Force work, but sadly I am not available to attend the calls. I do read the minutes, and would be very interested if you have (or want) any use cases relevant to describing the structure and content books designed as educational resources.

I'll now go back into lurk mode, but here are some links if anyone is interested

- About me and my work: https://blogs.pjjk.net/phil/
- About LRMI https://www.dublincore.org/about/lrmi/
- LRMI specs: https://www.dublincore.org/specifications/lrmi/

- OCX: https://k12ocx.github.io/k12ocx-specs/
- About Cetis: https://www.cetis.org.uk
- Credential Engine and CTDL: https://credreg.com

Best regards, Phil Barker

On 08/12/2022 22:31, Michael Jay wrote:

> Zheng, et al. -
> Thanks for welcoming me to the W3C Publishing Community Group. I already know some of you from my prior involvement around ePub and my involvement with development and increasing awareness around tech specification with the education community. I was once a classroom teacher (actually I taught students but student teacher has a different meaning) and joining Apple to help start ACOT (the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow) back in 1986. I left Apple in 1993 to start a company called MediaSeek Technologies and later Educational Systemics. I am presently the CEO of MatchMaker Education Labs, a public benefits corporation, where my colleagues and I create and license technologies to dynamically relate educational elements to one another in support of several initiatives in learning and teaching including working with publishers.
> I specifically reconnected with this incarnation of the ePub community at the request of my colleagues on the LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Innovation (used to be Initiative)) Tech Group on which I have served for a long time. I see that Phil Barker, the chair of that group, is also a member of this group. I’ll be looking for ways that we can contribute to the work of the PCG, am happy to share what we are doing at MatchMaker Ed Labs, and will be happy to contribute my 2¢ on other topics as well.
> Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to seeing ‘old’ friends and making new ones!
> Best -
> - Michael
> --------------------------------------
> MatchMaker Education Labs
> Michael Jay, CEO
> 415-612-1376‬
> www.MatchMakerEdLabs.net
> A Public Benefit Corporation
> "Making educational elements relatable”
>> On Dec 8, 2022, at 4:53 AM, Zheng Xu [<zxu@wysebee.com>](mailto:zxu@wysebee.com) wrote:
>> Hi all
>> We have new member Michael Jay from MatchMaker Education Labs PBC joining PCG.
>> Welcome Michael.
>> If you don't mind could you please briefly introduce yourself to our community group?
>> Cheers,
>> Zheng


[Phil Barker](http://people.pjjk.net/phil), http://people.pjjk.net/phil (he/him).
[CETIS LLP](https://www.cetis.org.uk): a cooperative consultancy for innovation in education technology.
[PJJK Limited](https://www.pjjk.co.uk): technology to enhance learning; information systems for education.

CETIS is a co-operative limited liability partnership, registered in England number OC399090
PJJK Limited is registered in Scotland as a private limited company, number SC569282.

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