RE: Increasing the gap between web and publishing or unifying them?

We are in violent agreement that the groups within Publishing@W3C and the CSSWG must work together. I'm glad we solved that.

Thank you, Makoto for putting together a list of items to get started. In the DPUB IG, Dave Cramer worked to prioritize the needs of Publishing for the CSS WG [1]. There were very few contributions from others. Might I suggest combining efforts and merging the list of requirements/needs into one location? I am thinking that it might be best to shift away from both GoogleDocs and a formal note. Maybe just make this a GitHub wiki page? When the Publishing WG is born, it can live there.


Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Lead

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> The CSS WG is not a "them" to which we should make requests and then 
> wait for solutions.

Right. And it does not necessarily have the expertise, either on the tech side or the feature side. Think of CSS for circular displays proposed by LG: the proposals all came from LG, and then the WG commented on them for improvements.
The CSS WG will consider (or not) everything other parties suggest, but you must be ready to be *there* to do the work with them.


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