Re: Face-to-face meeting June 22/23

Le 31/05/2017 à 07:24, Johnson, Rick a écrit :

> so the meeting will act like a WG meeting (from a content perspective)


No, certainly not. The WG is not started, Members have not joined it,
and the W3C Patent Policy will *not* apply to things supposed to fall
into the future WG's basket, especially in the case of technical
details. I *strongly* recommend prompting the Legal and Strategy folks
at W3C before this meeting happens. Legally speaking, this is clearly
not a good idea to have technical chats falling into the WG's scope if
all attending organizations have not joined a launched WG yet.

> Details: June 22nd & 23rd in NYC @ Adobe

Excuse me but could we please firmly avoid in the future a 3 weeks
notice like this one? Even if a ftf in June was previously mentioned,
this is not cool *at all* for international travelers.

At W3C, meetings should [1] be announced a minimum of 8 weeks in
advance, and it's better for many reasons (work schedule, air fares,
lodging, etc.) to have them announced 3 months in advance. If last
paragraph of Process Section 3.2 allows shorter notices, that's not
that common in practice.

Even if the WG is finally launched, Section 5.2.6 [2] of the Process is
very clear about the the first Group meeting:

  The date of the first face-to-face meeting of a proposed group must
  not be sooner than eight weeks after the date of the proposal.

That's a "must not", so 22nd/23rd of June could NOT be a WG ftf meeting
even if the WG was launched today.

> Draft Agenda [3]

Could we please stop hosting Group process documents outside
of the umbrella so nobody can find them w/o the precise URI?
The BG Wiki [3] is the only place where this should happen.



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