RE: draft overview - EPUB Test Grid options

Excellent document. While DAISY has continued on the accessibility testing, it has not been easy. However, DAISY is committed to the effort. If we could find a more efficient mechanism, that would be wonderful.
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Thank you Brian -- excellent analysis.
Good framing for discussion at (hopefully) the next Publishing BG meeting.
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First, my apologies for missing last week's meeting, which included an update from me on the EPUB Test Grid. I didn't read the agenda until after the meeting took place, and I didn't realize until then that I was on it.
I've pulled together a summary of options, history, current practice and potential next steps. It includes a note at the outset to explain that the overview is prepared using a BISG perspective. Other organizations and participants may offer alternate views.
I've attached a Word document and a PDF to this e-mail, and I've set up a Google Drive folder with the same documents plus a Google Doc version of the text in the Word document. You can access that folder here:
The link is set to support editing by anyone who has access.
If Rick agrees, we can return this topic to the agenda for June 6. I can provide an overview of the document and its content (short, assuming that everyone will have taken a look before the call) and then we can have a discussion about the options and next steps.
Let me know if you have any questions you'd like to make sure we address on Tuesday.

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