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After our conversation at lunch, and assuming acceptance of the proposed changes already communicated around the objections raised by Daniel, does the below resolve your remaining objections?


Replace in section 3. Deliverables, the first line:
     “More detailed milestones and updated publication schedules are available on the group publication status page”

with the following:

"The requirements, concepts, deliverables, and milestones listed here have been derived from the preliminary considerations of the Digital Publishing Interest Group (see, for example, the PWP-UCR document) as well as the experiences from the EPUB 3.1 Working Group of the IDPF, especially its work on "Browser-friendly Manifestations". One of the first tasks of the Working Group will be to make a thorough review, achieve consensus on, and document the final list, milestones, and the content of the deliverables of the group.  The more detailed list, milestones, and updated publication schedules are available on the <a href="@@@">group publication status page.</a> "

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    The following answers have been successfully submitted to 'Call for Review:
    Publishing Working Group Charter' (Advisory Committee) for Vivliostyle Inc.
    by Florian Rivoal.
    The reviewer's organization suggests changes to this Charter, and only
    supports the proposal if the changes are adopted [Formal Objection].
    Additional comments about the proposal:
       Vivliostyle enthusiastically supports the creation of the Publishing
    Working Group, its high level goals and scope, and the general format
    proposed in the charter.
    However, we think there is an important flaw in the charter that must be
    addressed first.
    Web Publications outlines a vision of convergence between digital
    publications and the web. We absolutely support this vision, and hope to
    contribute to its realization, both by participating in the WG and by
    integrating these technologies in our products. Convergence of digital
    publications and of the web is central to Vivliostyle's mission as a
    However, to our reading, the existing Web Publications documents are a
    manifesto and declaration of intent, not a concrete proposal to address the
    As such, we believe that (P)WP should be in scope for this working group,
    and that concrete proposals to achieve this goal should be made, and when
    consensual should be taken up as deliverables of this working group.
    We are however opposed to listing WP and PWP themselves as a REC track
    deliverable with dated commitments.
    If "Web Publications" and "Packaged Web Publications" are meant to stay as
    general documents outlining the vision independently of any concrete
    implementable and testable incarnation, we think it would be much more
    appropriate to publish them as WG Notes.
    If, as their proposed inclusion on the REC track suggests, they are meant
    to be concrete technological proposals, we think the inclusion on the REC
    track is premature, as we do not believe there is consensus on, or even a
    general understanding of, what the concrete realization would be.
    Our concrete proposal is to:
    - List WP and PWP as deliverables as Working Group Notes and continue to
    refine them as vision and requirements documents
    - Give the possibility to the group to take on new deliverables that help
    achieve that vision when they are consensual, possibly by including
    something along these lines in the charter (inspired by the CSSWG
    > The WG may create new modules within its scope to fulfill or support the
    > vision outlined in WP and PWP. If no participant in the group believes a
    > proposed module is out of scope, and the group has consensus to add it,
    > the group may add a new module. If the participants who object sustain 
    > their objection after discussion, a re-charter to clarify the scope may
    > needed.
    Independently from this objection, we also make the following suggestion
    (but do not oppose the creation of the WG on these grounds even if it was
    For the sake of maintainability and timely progress along the REC track, it
    is sometimes desirable to split a large specification into smaller modules
    (or to do the reverse operation). We do not think it is necessary at this
    point to decide whether to split any particular document into smaller
    modules, but it would be good to keep it as a possibility. We therefore
    suggest the addition of the following sentence to the deliverable section.
    > Also, to facilitate timely progress on the REC track and for
    > the sake of maintainability, based on consensus in the Working
    > Group, it may split or merge its deliverables.
    The reviewer's organization intends to participate in these groups:
       - Publishing Working Group
    The reviewer's organization:
       - intends to review drafts as they are published and send comments.
       - intends to develop experimental implementations and send experience
       - intends to develop products based on this work.
       - intends to apply this technology in our operations.
    Comments about the deliverables:
       Vivliostyle develops Vivliostyle Viewer and Vivliostyle Formatter,
    respecively an interactive UA and a pdf-generating UA, with support for
    pagination and advanced typographic features based on CSS (and (X)HTML,
    SVG, MathML...).
    Vivliostyle's product provide an answer to Pagination

    and also intends facilitate Off-lining and Archiving

    We currently support ordinary web content as well as EPUB3 as input
    formats, and intend to support EPUB4 and other (P)WP formats as they
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