Re: Proposal on PROV-DM reorganization

On 05/20/2012 06:01 AM, Paul Groth wrote:
> During last week's telcon [1] the chairs were tasked to come-up with
> a proposal that tried to reflect consensus on reorganization of the
> data model. This would take into account both Graham's proposal [2]
> as well as the WG discusion and prior agreements.
> We've come up with with the following proposal:
> We hope this reflects a consensus with the working group and
> something we could proceed on. Is this a good foundation to proceed?

I support keeping one document for this stuff (I think with
constraints, we've already separated out some of the most difficult to
grasp 'advanced concepts' there and I also support moving collections
out of DM.)

When I first try to explain this to people, I start with the diagram.
Perhaps we could move it to the start of section 2.1 instead of the

I like pushing bundles/collections out of the "core" section.  I think
that addresses some of Graham's concerns.

I also like reorganizing section 2 while keeping the component
structure in section 4.

I like the term "core" for section 2.1, and the term "extended" for
2.2.  I think they aren't so advanced -- they just go beyond the core.


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