Re: provenance of provenance


here is my feedback:

+1 to drop the term account
+1 for the term bundle
0 for dropping annotations (I don't think they are needed, but I don't 
see the relation to the proposed bundle component)
+1 for the bundle component

In 4.6.3 Provenance Locator, I would switch positions of bundle and 
target, as bundle like service and prov denotes WHERE provenance can be 
found, while target denotes an ALTERNATE for subject.



Am 10.05.2012 23:14, schrieb Luc Moreau:
> Dear all,
> We are seeking feedback on text regarding bundles (allowing provenance
> of provenance to be expressed).
> It is addressing ISSUES-257, ISSUE-260, ISSUE-88, ISSUE-297.
> We will respond to these issues individually, shortly.
> Cheers,
> Luc

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