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ANN: Provenance Vocabulary now a domain specific extension of PROV-O

From: Olaf Hartig <hartig@informatik.hu-berlin.de>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 15:09:57 +0100
To: public-prov-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <1540865.4uLfaTJAoK@porty2>

Jun and I just published a new revision of our Provenance Vocabulary [1]. With 
this new version the Provenance Vocabulary becomes a domain specific extension 
of PROV-O. Read on for a brief explanation.

The Provenance Vocabulary focuses on two main use cases: 1.) It enables 
consumers of Web data to describe provenance of data retrieved from the Web 
and of data derived from such Web data. 2.) It enables providers of Web data 
to publish provenance-related metadata about their data.
Hence, instead of understanding the Provenance Vocabulary as a general purpose 
vocabulary for all kinds of provenance of all sorts of things, it should be 
understood as a domain specific (provenance) vocabulary for describing 
provenance of Web data.

Recently (with the help of Daniel, thanks!) we tried to define a mapping 
between our vocabulary and PROV-O. From this exercise we learned that all 
general classes and properties of our vocabulary map very well to classes and 
properties in PROV-O. As a consequence, we decided to remove our general 
classes and properties and to use PROV-O instead (as some kind of upper 
ontology). Hence, now our Web data specific classes and properties are domain 
specific extensions of PROV-O classes and properties.

The recent version of the Provenance Vocabulary Core Ontology can be found at 
the usual address. That is,


for the human-readable specification, which also includes the full ontology 
embedded via RDFa. An RDF/XML serialization of the ontology (extracted from 
the RDFa) is here:


If you want to get a rough idea of what we replaced in the process of making 
our vocabulary an extension of PROV-O, you may compare the current overview 
diagram [2] to the diagram [3] for the previous version.


[1] http://purl.org/net/provenance/
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