Updates from PROV-XML Group

The PROV-XML Group has begun work planning our work on the XML note and towards a WG recognized prov xml schema.

I had a face-to-face meeting with Hook and Curt at the ESIP summer meeting last week and this is my list of notes from that meeting.

Action Items:
1) decide what to do with dictionary terms (recommend as additional prov-dict schema, part of dictionary note)
- nominate someone to take lead on prov-dict schema and communicate with dictionary note group
2) There already exists an xml schema for PROV (curtesy Luc); we should review it
-  partition existing xsd terms for cross walking and analysis (both directions) against PROV-DM LC
- cross walk both directions, are there XML schema types not in DM?  DM terms not in XSD?
- spread workload evenly among group
- members to generate XML examples based on examples from PROV-DM
-- see prov/examples/eg-24-prov-o-html-examples/rdf/create/rdf for an idea on how we can structure it
3) We should start planning our effort on producing a mapping between the eventual PROV XML schema and PROV-O.
- Reza, would you like to take the lead on this?

The pre-existing prov xml schema mentioned in 2) is available in the Prov mercurial repository at in the xml directory under the repository root  and the xml schema is available at http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/prov/raw-file/default/xml/schema/prov.xsd

I have created a google doc spreadsheet to help us organize the review of the existing xml schema.  The document is available at


I think we should share the load for reviewing terms from the DM and how they are represented in the XSD.  Feel free to add yourself as a review for any terms you like.  We should divvy up the review assignments by Thursday and discuss setting a deadline for having reviews completed.

I added a section in the document for examples.  I think we should create at least one example for each term we review and save each example as a full xml document in the repository.  The Complex/SimpleType or attribute for a prov-dm term should be specified in Column D of the spreadsheet.

We should also cross-walk the schema against the terms in PROV-DM.  for any XSD types that do not align with a term from DM we should add a new row to the spreadsheet specifying the type and putting "None" in Column A (DM Term).

I created the prov/examples/eg-40-xml-examples-by-term directory for our examples.  I have seeded the xml sub-directory with a few stub files for our xml examples.


I named the files based on the PROV-DM term.  The intent is that each example file be a complete XML document that can be validated against the schema and which contains provenance examples in xml for the relevant term.  I think aligning our examples with the examples in PROV-DM will be beneficial.

For each term in the spreadsheet we should note the associated example xml files which can be found in eg-40-xml-examples-by-term/xml in Column E (Example XML).


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