Review prov-aq document

The latest PROV-AQ reads nicely and is ready for publication
as a public working draft.  I like the service specification.

Here are some minor editorial points:


Inconsistent capitalization "service-URI" vs. "Service-URI",
and "target-uri" vs. "target-URI".  "provenance-uri"

Might just do a global search/replace "-uri" -> "-URI"?

Status of This Document

"This document is part of a set of specifications produced by the W3C
provenance working group aiming to define interoperable interchange of
provenance information in heterogeneous environments such as the Web."

    take out "aiming to"

    Just say "...working group defining interoperable interchange..."

Copy the edits from the "PROV Family" overview stuff from the
DM document.

1.2 Provenance and resources

" denoting the specification through its lifetime."

    I might prefer 'throughout'

1.2 or 1.3 should probably discuss multiple provenance accounts about
the same resource?

3.1 mentions "may include multiple provenance link header fields",
maybe mention accounts more explicitly here?  You could have a
different account describing different provenance for the same

3.2 "<Link>"

   just for consistency with the other fields, I wouldn't capitalize
   just use "<link>"

3.3 "..are defined in the following."

   "defined as follows.", or "defined in the following way."

   "...specifies a service-URIs associated with..."

   extraneous plural service-URIs?

3.4 Might include a specific reference to ISO19115-2 in the examples
here.  I'm not expert enough to recommend specific wording for that,
but I'll check with Hook Hua -- he may recommend something to put

4. Provenance services

one of the references to "target-uri" is not linked to the definition
(perhaps that is by design?)

5.1 "... information for an resource is not...

     for a resource

7. Since this is a "considerations" section, maybe include a mention
    of "provenance of provenance":

    Just as provenance information can help determine trust of the
    information content of a resource, provenance information related
    to the provenance itself ("provenance of provenance") can help
    determine trust of the provenance.


Received on Monday, 23 April 2012 19:07:57 UTC