Re: prov-wg: Telcon Agenda April 19, 2012

I've not been able to give as much attention over the past 2-3 weeks to any 
outstanding issues as I'd hoped.

I also am unlikely to be able to participate in this week's teleconference.

I expect to catch up over the coming week and participate next week.


I see PROV-AQ is in the agenda.

Looking quickly at the outstanding PROV-AQ issues, I think they have mostly been 
addressed.  I think the ones in state "pending review" should now be closed, as 
I'm not aware of any further concerns raised.  Issue 70 has been resolved and 
should be closed.  A resolution for Issue 166 has been agreed, though I need to 
double-check it's been applied.  I think issue 211 is resolved or overtaken by 
more substantive changes made.  I think issue 233 is now moot as accounts (in 
simpler form) are reinstated in DM.


I am not opposed to public release of any of the documents, though I'm hoping we 
can work to improve some document organization/phrasing issues in PROV-DM for 
the last call:  I'll try and get back into greater engagement for the 
forthcoming cycle following the next public release.


On 18/04/2012 13:01, Paul Groth wrote:
> Hi All,
> The agenda for tomorrow's telecon is available here:
> We will vote on releasing new public working drafts.
> We also need a scribe. Please sign up and let me know.
> Speak to you tomorrow,
> Paul

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