Re: Primer WD2 ready for review

Luc, all

just reacting to Luc's comment on collections (my thorn in the side...): I agree that a separate HowTo document would be useful.


On 4/4/12 9:51 AM, Luc Moreau wrote:
> Hi Simon, Yolanda,
> The primer reads nicely. It seems to have captured the right set of
> concepts and explained them at the right level.
> There was a discussion of whether collections should be included in
> the primer. I don't believe so.  My comment is related to what I said
> about the prov-o document: if collections are added to the primer, I
> think it would give too much importance to this concept and associated
> relations.  There should be a *separate* HOWTO document on collections.
> >From my viewpoint, the only change I would like to see implemented
> before release is the introduction of a figure (compliant with PROV
> "style") illustrating the example.  Note: one or more figures left to
> editorial discretion.
> I also believe that the PRIMER should not focus just on rdf
> representation but on the others too. The prov-n examples in appendix
> are not very satisfactory. Instead, buttons showing/hiding examples in
> rdf, xml, prov-n should be used.  Text also will have to be changed at
> many places accordingly. I am OK if this change takes place after this
> release (synchronized with last call).

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