Re: PROV-ISSUE-29 (mutual-iVP-of): can two bobs be mutually "IVP of" each other [Conceptual Model]


I had trouble understanding the reasoning of this example as well.
In our data model, the email would rather be a collection, and the
signature an element of it, rather than a specialization of it.
A specialization of "this email" would be, for example. the "printed
version on my desk", which *is* a specialization of "my thoughts on this
email thread".

Intuitively, I am having trouble coming up with a counterexample of the
transitivity of our specialization.

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2012/4/2 Luc Moreau <>

> is this example really reflecting specialisation? The signature is
> contained in the email message. Is it a specialisation of it?
> On 2 Apr 2012, at 00:11, "Stian Soiland-Reyes" <
>> wrote:
> > My signature in the end of this email is a specialization of this
> > email message, which is a specialization of my thoughts on this email
> > thread. However the signature is not a specialization of those
> > thoughts.

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