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PROV-ISSUE-135 (collection-names): Collection relations have confusing names [Data Model]

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Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 23:05:56 +0000
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PROV-ISSUE-135 (collection-names): Collection relations have confusing names [Data Model]


Raised by: Stian Soiland-Reyes
On product: Data Model

http://www.w3.org/TR/prov-dm/#expression-Collection introduces relations for expressing collections;

> Expression: wasAddedTo_Coll(c2,c1) (resp. wasRemovedFrom_Coll(c2,c1)) denotes that collection c2 is an updated version of collection c1, following an insertion (resp. deletion) operation.

> Expression: wasAddedTo_Key(c,k) (resp. wasRemovedFrom_Key(c,k)) denotes that collection c had a new value with key k added to (resp. removed from) it.

> Expression: wasAddedTo_Entity(c,e) denotes that collection c had entity e added to it.

I discussed this with some colleagues who are new to PROV, and they found the names very confusing. For instance wasAddedTo_Coll(c2, c1) sounds like c2 was added to c1. 

I understand that this _Coll/Key/Entity dispatching is to keep these as wasDerivedFrom subproperites, and avoid introducing an explicit process execution with three different usage roles.

When encoding this for PROV-O I decided to rename them, but keep them as subproperties of prov:wasDerivedFrom:


As I discussed this, we found that wasAddedTo_Coll(c2,c1) means c2 is like a superset of c1 - but without requiring either to be a set. So we think PROV-DM are describing something like a bag collection of (key,value) pairs, but did not bother checking wikipedia what the equivalent of superset and subset is for bags. 

Instead I just opted for "expansion" and "reduction", and use verbs that relate the actual entities:

:col2 a prov:Collection ;
    prov:wasExpandedFrom :col1 ;
    prov:wasExpandedBy :e2 ;
    prov:wasExpandedAt :key2 .    

corresponding to:


and equivalent for reduction:

:col3 a prov:Collection ;
    prov:wasReducedFrom :col2 ;
    prov:wasReducedAt :key1 .

I propose to rename the PROV-DM relations for collections to match the PROV-O style above.
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