Re: Definitions and provenance and invariance

Hi Stian,

On 6/24/11 11:26 AM, Stian Soiland-Reyes wrote:
> I tried at
> - but I think I confused myself by bringing in too much. :-)
possibly, but this helps. thank you. Will be interesting to see if others concur with your view on these defs (pun not intended!)
I will write comments on the wiki, when ready
> We earlier talked about something simple like:
>   rectangle A may have varying length and width, whereas B, an IVP of
> A, may have a invariant area
I initially thought "invariant" was relative to Time, but it is not the case. so what is invariance relative to, here? all possible 
views of this particular rectangle A? but then we are back to "properties that are integral to identity", which I thought we had dropped


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