Working group process

Hello All:

Given recent discussion on the mailing list and telecon, I think we need 
to be clearer on the process we are following:

Our aim is to as quickly as possible get a draft of each deliverable. 
This should be very drafty, it doesn't need to be in W3C speak etc. But 
it needs to be more or less complete.

After having this draft everyone can raise issues against the draft and 
we as a group can proceed to resolve these issues.

Currently, we are working towards drafts for the Conceptual Model, 
Accessing and Querying Provenance. We are obviously not starting from 
scratch. For example, the Conceptual Model draft is based on the 
concepts listed in the charter. Hopefully, this will be accomplished by 
the F2F.

In many respects, our focus should be trying to get complete drafts that 
are reasonably acceptable.


Received on Monday, 20 June 2011 11:35:30 UTC