Re: PROV-ISSUE-19: is this observable or not observable?

For what its worth, the following definitions are from several ISO documents 
for Observations and Measurements - which relate directly to the semantics 
of observable properties, such as for sensors.


act of observing a property

NOTE          The goal of an observation may be to measure or otherwise 
determine the value of a property


facet or attribute of an object referenced by a name

[ISO 19143:2010, definition 4.21]

EXAMPLE                              Abby's car has the colour red, where 
"colour red" is a property of the car instance

And the one I enjoy: Observable - ability to be observed, possible to 
observe, and so forth. The use of "observable" in physics and quantum 
mechanics is very specific but essentially a sub-class of the general 

Anyway, observables are properties such as "temperature", "height", 
"colour", "material".



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> Hi All,
> Can someone attempt to provide a clean notion of what observable and
> non-observable mean in this context.
> Thanks,
> Paul
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>> Dear all,
>> When we discussed the notion of 'Invariant View or Perspective on a 
>> Thing,
>> there were
>> suggestions that it should be observable, and counter-suggestions that it
>> should not be.
>> It would be good to discuss both sides of the argument, in an attempt to
>> reach consensus.
>> Best regards,
>> Luc

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