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PROV-ISSUE-196: Section 5.3.4 (PROV-DM as on Dec 5)

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Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2011 02:15:46 +0000
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PROV-ISSUE-196: Section 5.3.4 (PROV-DM as on Dec 5)


Raised by: Satya Sahoo
On product: 

The following are my comments for Section 5.3.4 of the PROV-DM (as on Dec 5):

Section 5.3.4:
1. "See Section Note for a discussion of the difference between note attributes and other records attributes."

Comment: As discussed earlier, the current description does not clarify the distinction between note and other other record attributes.

2. "..that the icon (an application specific way of rendering provenance) is doc.png." and "note(n2,[ex:style="dotted"])"

Comment: It is not clear why the above two attribute-value pairs cannot be part of the entity and used records respectively. What is the extra information being captured by creating a separate note record?


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