No quorum

Sorry for the lack of proper communication. I clicked the "update" button
on our meeting invite last night but since I didn't change the agenda from
the standard one, it didn't send out an invite. I'll figure out a better
way going forward.

There was a good suggestion from Sara/Mark about a separate draft letter to
AT vendors who have more investment in voice generation over a voice pack
made elsewhere. I think this makes sense and look forward to their
collaboration on a separate draft letter.

Lastly, as a group, we need to create a way to coordinate contacts with AT
vendors that does not inundate a vendor with multiple contacts from our TF.
We need to allow enough time for responses and (in some cases) the internal
routing of the request that will happen. This needs to be done without
sharing, publicly, anyone's private email or their professional
affiliations if that's not public knowledge. Bring ideas for next week's


*Paul Grenier*

Received on Monday, 13 February 2023 16:17:04 UTC