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[PING] two calls - 6 August 2020 UTC 16 and UTC 17

From: Christine Runnegar <runnegar@isoc.org>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 17:52:17 +0000
To: public-privacy <public-privacy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <632E6CA6-17F5-4118-9C53-FBB99B0B7876@isoc.org>
Hello everyone.

A reminder that our next PING call is next week on Thursday 6 August 2020 at UTC 16.

We will also hold a call immediately following (using the same call coordinates) to do some work on the privacy threat model, for those that are interested.

Link to document: https://w3cping.github.io/privacy-threat-model/

Note: For anyone wishing to join the second call to work on the privacy threat, please do what you can to have your outstanding pull requests resolved and to submit new/amended text prior to the call (via new pull requests). This will help us make the most use of our time during that call.

GitHub link: https://github.com/w3cping/privacy-threat-model

p.s. If you are not familiar with Github or if you do not feel comfortable submitting pull requests, you can also share your proposed text on this list.

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