Re: Proposed W3C Charter: Privacy Interest Group (PING) (until 2019-08-04)

On 9/24/19 5:09 PM, Chris Wilson wrote:
> The Formal Objection was in regards to the IG charter.  In particular, we
> asked that a formal deliverable be added to formalize the model of privacy
> and privacy threats.  Jeffrey's proposal can be a good starting point for
> that, certainly, but I think this should work like the TAG's Design
> Principles - it's a living guidance document, and it should make it clear
> what is being assessed by the PING review process.  If new types of privacy
> concerns arise, they should be added to the document.
> I'm afraid I can't comment on the resolution (or not) of the FO, as it's
> being addressed by the W3C in member-confidential space (and this is a
> public mailing list).  The only comment I'd make at this point is that I
> don't think this should impede any work the IG is currently doing, and I
> expect this to get resolved in fairly short order.

Thanks Chris,

As W3C seeks to work by consensus, and indeed the requested Threat Model
deliverable matches one PING agreed to adopt at its TPAC meetings, I've
proposed a pull request to the charter draft[1] to add that reference in
the charter.

If others who reviewed the charter agree with this change, then we'd
take the whole thing to the Director. In the meantime, I've requested an
extension to the current charter as a buffer.

It's great to see all the energy around privacy at TPAC, and I look
forward to working together to improve the web's privacy for users.


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