Re: On the european response to Snowden

In that context I'd like to draw the attention of this group to a report on
'mass surveillance' which was adopted yesterday by the Council of Europe.

The Assembly of the Council of Europe urged Council of Europe Member States
and Observer States (which includes the U.S.) to "agree on a multilateral
“Intelligence Codex” for their intelligence services, which lays down rules
governing cooperation for purposes of the fight against terrorism and
organised crime. *The Codex should include a mutual engagement to apply to
the surveillance of each other’s nationals and residents the same rules as
those applied to their own, and to share data obtained through lawful
surveillance measures solely for the purposes for which they were

More details on this recommendation can be found in paragraphs 115-118 of
the report. The report is in line with the proposals of the European
Council on Foreign Affairs which was initially posted in this discussion,
and this paper that was published by the Oxford Internet Institute earlier
this month:

2015-01-27 11:49 GMT+01:00 David Singer <>:

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> > There is also a international dimension, with transatlantic agreements
> on privacy,  cybersecurity and surveillance being publically discussed, and
> it is clear these things are interrelated, addressing one will always
> involve consideration of the others.
> >
> > There does not have to be a trade-off, no need to forgo privacy for the
> sake of security. We should be able to build a system with them all.
> >
> > What is needed is a clearly expressed “statement of requirements” i.e.
> we want to protect privacy and security within a transparent and
> democratically  accountable framework which, for example, allows law
> enforcement to do its job (using warranted surveillance if necessary), but
> rules out mass surveillance.  Because the net knows no borders there has to
> be a transnational component.
> >
> > The W3C could then do its part helping to create the necessary protocols
> and standards, while the politicians take charge of the oversight process
> and creating the legal environment.
> >
> If you have even vague visions for what protocols and standards could help
> here, could you sketch them out?
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