RE: Fwd (TAG): Draft finding - "Transitioning the Web to HTTPS"

If the W3C were to officially adopt this stance, it would be one of the most
important, decisive and relatively achievable (even if lower level) things
that the W3C can do to begin to promote Privacy concerns (and possible new
web standards for privacy) on the Web. 

And yes, IMHO and not-so HO, PING should be involved in this.

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> This is very very awesome, in my opinion! Well written and hits some 
> particularly important web-y points and says some things that we could 
> not at the IAB due to length (and almost endless kvetching).
> Is there a clear way that PING can be involved? (or maybe this is 
> where we interact as individuals in the TAG process?)

If we make a proposed comment from PING and reach a consensus on it, that's
easy. As indivudals people should interact anyway.


> On 12/9/14, 11:10 AM, Wendy Seltzer wrote:
>>  Nice new work in the TAG. I commented on one of the privacy
>>  benefits in the TAG thread
>> and
>>  encourage PING to take a look at the draft:
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>>  We've started work on a new Finding, to a) serve as a Web version
>>  of the IAB statement, and b) support the work on Secure Origins in
>>  WebAppSec.
>>  See: <>
>>  Repo w/ issues list at <>.

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