Re: Fwd (TAG): Draft finding - "Transitioning the Web to HTTPS"

10.12.2014, 19:24, "Joseph Lorenzo Hall" <>:
> This is very very awesome, in my opinion! Well written and hits some
> particularly important web-y points and says some things that we could
> not at the IAB due to length (and almost endless kvetching).
> Is there a clear way that PING can be involved? (or maybe this is
> where we interact as individuals in the TAG process?)

If we make a proposed comment from PING and reach a consensus on it, that's easy. As indivudals people should interact anyway.


> On 12/9/14, 11:10 AM, Wendy Seltzer wrote:
>> šNice new work in the TAG. I commented on one of the privacy
>> šbenefits in the TAG thread
>> š and
>> šencourage PING to take a look at the draft:
>> š-------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject: Draft finding -

>> šWe've started work on a new Finding, to a) serve as a Web version
>> šof the IAB statement, and b) support the work on Secure Origins in
>> šWebAppSec.
>> šSee: <>
>> šRepo w/ issues list at <>.

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