Re: Customer requirement #1: Decrease font size

On 19 February 2013 14:10, Tony Graham <> wrote:
> (I've reworked the requirements list again, this time as a numbered list
> so we can refer to the items by number.)
> The stated requirement [2] is:
>    Decrease font size until text fits in a given box (page size for
>    example), but not less than n point. If we need to reduce the
>    font size further, raise an error message during typesetting run
> The 'Copyfitting' section [1] in the previous WD talks in terms of
> 'content adjusting strategies' and adjusting within the limits expressed
> by the property value types that we already have:
>    In fact, many FO properties (dating back to the initial XSL-FO
>    specification) can be given a length range value, expressed
>    using a .minimum, .optimum and .maximum components; others
>    (allowed-height-scale, allowed-width-scale) can be given a
>    list of numeric values; font-family can be given a list of
>    values.
> When I've thought previously about adjusting the area tree after the
> initial layout (mostly w.r.t. adjusting spaces before and after rather
> than tweaking fonts), I've always figured it would be within the limits of
> the .minimum and .maximum as specified in the FO tree.
> * How well or badly does decreasing the font size fit with the
>   previous WD's approach?
> * Is adjusting things with .minimum and .maximum a useful approach
>   for specifying copyfitting limits?

Two thoughts.
1. I want to specify global options, e.g.
font-size.min  .max And keep everything within these limits?
 These would be fallback values
2. I may want to have the formatter adjust one specific area / block /
block container within
tighter (or slacker) limits.
  Could we take both into account?
Something like a layout specification file external to the xsl
stylesheet, or specific to the formatter,
then add something to fo:block font-size.max='24pt'  ?

As regards backwards compatibility, IMHO that is not an issue?


Dave Pawson
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