Customer requirement #1: Decrease font size

(I've reworked the requirements list again, this time as a numbered list
so we can refer to the items by number.)

The stated requirement [2] is:

   Decrease font size until text fits in a given box (page size for
   example), but not less than n point. If we need to reduce the
   font size further, raise an error message during typesetting run

The 'Copyfitting' section [1] in the previous WD talks in terms of
'content adjusting strategies' and adjusting within the limits expressed
by the property value types that we already have:

   In fact, many FO properties (dating back to the initial XSL-FO
   specification) can be given a length range value, expressed
   using a .minimum, .optimum and .maximum components; others
   (allowed-height-scale, allowed-width-scale) can be given a
   list of numeric values; font-family can be given a list of

When I've thought previously about adjusting the area tree after the
initial layout (mostly w.r.t. adjusting spaces before and after rather
than tweaking fonts), I've always figured it would be within the limits of
the .minimum and .maximum as specified in the FO tree.

* How well or badly does decreasing the font size fit with the
  previous WD's approach?
* Is adjusting things with .minimum and .maximum a useful approach
  for specifying copyfitting limits?




Received on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 14:10:57 UTC