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On 11 February 2013 13:33, Tony Graham <> wrote:
> It's good to see renewed activity in the CG after a period of silence.  It's
> less than halfway through the month, but already this been the third most active
> month on the mailing list since we began.  Long may it continue!

For those who attended or watched the video from #xmlprague,
Of note,

1. Patricks presentation - which I am convinced is aligned to XSL-FO
on formatter feedback. Just that I think I had declarative ideas, Patrick
presented from a procedural approach.

2. Gerrit Imsieke . I'm less sure here, I'd appreciate a view from others?
Was it relevant to our work here?

The proceedings of the conference
are interesting, and quite complete. Page 61 For Gerrits paper.

>From 1. Patrick isolated formatting from the content. That bothered me.
Especially since (as I understood it), the formatter then starts to 'adjust'
layout (to a set of rules) to meet set criteria?

That leaves me wondering,

1. For any block in the content, how much can I let it be varied?
2. For the document as a whole, are there any boundaries?
    E.g. I never want the font to be smaller than ...8pt
    No graphic shall be smaller than x by y pixels.
    That sort of thing?
3. For a 'very special' block, I may want to say, fit this content
    onto the same page as it's ancestor, and if it won't...
    then fit this alternate content in its place.

These are the 'variables' I see as available for the formatter
to work with (and interact with the stylesheet perhaps).

How they are specified I am happy to leave until later.


Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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