Re: New Year, renewed activity [via Print and Page Layout Community Group]

On Mon, February 11, 2013 1:33 pm, Tony Graham wrote:
> It's good to see renewed activity in the CG after a period of silence. 
> It's
> less than halfway through the month, but already this been the third most
> active
> month on the mailing list since we began.  Long may it continue!

FWIW, I'd forgotten that posts on the CG page get copied here.  The "Long
may it continue!" sentiment is true, but the purpose of the post is to
show signs of life on the CG page, since people don't always go as far as
looking at the mailing list archive when deciding if a CG is currently


(and if I keep posting and replying to myself, we could even high-score on
the mailing list post count this month.)

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