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>>> Perhaps your ideas could be incorporated in a new processing model,
>> well of course it's an old model, I think the lack of feedback from the
>> renderer is the main issue anyone coming from TeX or or a TeX-like
>> system faces when looking at XSL-FO.
> IMHO the prime request is for this feature,  yet it was hardly
> discussed in the WG.
> Given an 'if' or a 'choose' element in the vocabulary,
> what conditions would you want to test, using feedback from the layout engine?

The TeX way (which is what I use) is the following:

Put the text/image/whatever onto a virtual page, which will afterwards have the exact dimensions of the material it contains. Now you can ask for its width and height. Thus can say for example:

put text onto virtual page
 if height(virtual page) < remaining space on this page then
   put page into pdf
   retypeset the virtual page with a smaller font
   goto start
put virtual page into pdf

(more or less, I hope you get the point) 

I hope this answers your question!?


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