Re: LC-Comment on POWDER-Semantics


I'm just going through and checking that all comments that we have 
received have been answered. Yours certainly were, in that several 
changes were made [1] to the Formal Semantics document as a direct 
result of your comments, for which, I would like to again express the 
WG's thanks.

What I can't find is the e-mail from us (specifically from Stasinos 
Konstatopoulos) saying "here's how we handled your comments and is this 
OK with you?"

Stas - did you send such an e-mail? Michael - did you get it?




Michael Schneider wrote:
> This is my LC-review of the POWDER-Semantics. I'm afraid I send it four
> weeks after the deadline, but I hope it will still be useful.
> Attached is a PDF, which is a copy of the LC Working Draft. All my comments
> are in the form of PDF notes within this PDF. You can use the yellow button
> in the lower left of the Acrobat Reader to open a window that allows for
> easy note navigation.
> Kind regards,
> Michael Schneider
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Phil Archer

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