Re: Transport XML meta data as well as RDF?

On Wed Jun 18 15:01:39 2008 Smith, Kevin, (R&D) VF-Group said:

> You can already include that metadata block in a DescriptorSet as
> regards the XML schema, so would that suffice?
> Cheers
> Kev
> [...]
> <descriptorset>
>   <metadata xmlns="">
>     <dc:title>UKOLN</dc:title>
>     <dc:description>
>       UKOLN is a national focus of expertise in digital information
>       management. It provides policy, research and awareness services
>       to the UK library, information and cultural heritage communities.
>       UKOLN is based at the University of Bath.
>     </dc:description>
>     <dc:publisher>UKOLN, University of Bath</dc:publisher>
>     <dc:identifier></dc:identifier>
>   </metadata>
> </descriptorset>

This doesn't look right, it looks like there is a
wdr:metadata property taking a series of dc: elements as value.

I guess POWDER could define a wdr:xmlmetadata (or s'thing like that)
data-property, which could have as range uninterpreted XML chunks. There
might some rdf:parseType necessary to tell RDF tools to leave something
untouched, I'll look it up in the RDF recommendation if POWDER decides
that that's the way to go. This has the advantage of minimizing the
changes required in both text and XSLT terms.


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