Re: POWDER validator 0.1 online

Smith, Kevin, (R&D) VF-Group wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> Good job :) I think this should be on (or at least a link should be on) our public homepage, as a reference validator. 

It's a little too shaky to be a reference validator just now but I'm 
hoping to harden it up so that it could /possibly/ fulfil that role.

Also if you make the code available,

I'll certainly do that in due course.

  then developers can build e.g. an Eclipse plugin for POWDER validation.

I'm all for plug-ins for well-used tools of course.

> IMO (and most XML developers) the reference parser is Saxon for Java or .NET, which is 30 for the Schema validator only (  

Antonis is your Java man (actually, I think Java is part of the Greek 
National Curriculum - I've yet to meet a single Helene who can't program 
in Java - even the waiters seem to bang on about it continuously (or am 
I getting confused with the coffee?)). Anyway - my guess is that his 
implementation on the Quatro platform will use said parser - is that 
right Antonis?

The validator I'm working on is (obviously) a step along the road to 
creating a POWDER processor - Antonis - will you be doing something 
similar? If so, might it be possible to make your validator a standalone 
tool? It would be nice to have at least two *if* they agree on all 
results! (If they don't erm... well that could be more of a problem ;-)).


Received on Thursday, 31 July 2008 16:17:27 UTC