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Hi Phil,

Good job :) I think this should be on (or at least a link should be on) our public homepage, as a reference validator. Also if you make the code available, then developers can build e.g. an Eclipse plugin for POWDER validation. 

IMO (and most XML developers) the reference parser is Saxon for Java or .NET, which is 30 for the Schema validator only (  


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While Matt works to get our updated documents published and the LC announcement made, I've been working on a validator for POWDER docs, now online at [1].

I'm hampered by my lack of programming skill - what I'd like to have done would be to use a validating XML parser but the best example of that (AFAIK) is Xerces and the Perl documentation for that is non-existent. If only I could do as they suggest and translate from the C documentation. Ah well...

In the absence of that, Kev put me on to a method of using Perl modules I can understand that implement XPath. It's a bit rough and ready for now but so far it seems to work OK.

There's no upload facility yet - it just has a drop down list of available examples - all the ones from the DR doc and a bunch of
(deliberately) invalid ones. I was checking through the examples from the DR doc and found that example 2-14 was invalid. Shurely Shome Mishtake in the validator? Actually no - that example really is invalid
- the pathstartswith element in the IRI set should be includepathstartswith. So it was worht it just for that I reckon!

Matt - if you can put that right in the LC version of the DR doc 9and the external example file) I'd be most grateful. And btw - did you atch Kev's note about uploading the schema doc that makes rdf:resource valid?




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