Re: PROPOSED RESOLUTION: use dcterms for the maker element and rename to creator

There's another consequence of this I've just realised (I'm searching 
and replacing...). The current specs point to foaf:depiction as the way 
to associate a logo with a DR. Alan uses foaf:logo in his Euracert 
vocabulary file [1] (which is better I think than depiction here) but 
losing FOAF from POWDER, at least at the normative level, means we may 
need to create our own logo property.

DC doesn't have a 'logo' property. The nearest is has is description [2] 
which we use for our textual summary but in fact, DC says it can be an 
image as well. To use that would mean we'd have something like

<dc:description>Text here...</dcterms:description>
<dc:description rdf:resource="" />

And then maybe

<rdf:Description rdf:about="" />


The simple solutions that I can think of are:

1. Define our own POWDER-S term wdrs:logo to which <displayicon> maps
2. Leave this out altogether so people can chose their own property. The 
downside of this is that User Agents may be looking for a specific 
property to get a logo to display - hence I'm for option 1.



Scheppe, Kai-Dietrich wrote:
> Hi 
> +1 for the resolution and also a question:  Why don't we allow both FOAF
> and DC?
> -- Kai 
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>> Subject: PROPOSED RESOLUTION: use dcterms for the maker 
>> element and rename to creator
>> Following my exchange with Dan Bri just now [1], I'd like to 
>> propose that we change the name of the POWDER <maker> element 
>> to <creator> and change the transform so that this becomes 
>> <dcterms:creator>.
>> Note that the legacy (and commonly seen) dc:creator just 
>> takes a string whereas dcterms:creator has the range of dcterms:Agent.
>> This does not prevent using FOAF terms within a dcterms:Agent 
>> class (which is good because FOAF has some very useful terms 
>> already) but it does eliminate POWDER's formal dependence on FOAF.
>> We can consider the resolution properly next week at the f2f 
>> but if there are any comments ahead of that, please speak up.
>> Thanks
>> Phil.
>> [1]
>> onwards
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