Comments on Nov-14 WD for ITS IG

Dear POWDER editors

The ITW Interest Group has looked at the "Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER): Description Resources W3C Working Draft -
14 November 2008" and we have the following comments:

A) Several tags of POWDER can contain translate text. We suggest to add a small appendix where the ITS rules for POWDER would be
defined. Such rules would allow any user/tool who want to perform linguistic actions on the file (translate it comments,
spell-check, it, etc.) to know what content should be looked at.

The appendix could be something like this:


Appendix: Localization

Textual content of POWDER documents may be subject to linguistic-related processes, such as translation, spell-checking, etc. The
W3C Internationalization Tag Set provides a way to define what parts of a document has textual content, using a rules document. The
following possible ITS rules document for POWDER indicates that only the elements tag, label and comment have textual content.

<its:rules version="1.0"
 <its:translateRule translate="no" selector="//p:powder"/>  
 <its:translateRule translate="yes" selector="//p:tag|//p:label|//p:comment"/>


B) In addition we were also wondering if tag, comment and label are allowed to have non-POWDER attributes. It does not seem to be
defined in the schema. It would be a good thing to allow ITS attributes in those elements to enable users to add
localization-specific information directly in their POWDER documents: xml:lang, its:translate, etc.)

Kind regards,
-Yves Savourel for the ITS IG.

Received on Monday, 15 December 2008 22:03:38 UTC