Seeking help with a Description Resources issue


Some on the Sem Web list will have come across the POWDER working group 
[1], part of the Semantic Web Activity, and some have been kind enough 
to comment on our work to date. Thank you. We'll go on providing 
information through the public mailing list [2] and blog [3] however... 
we need help with a very specific issue that the WG is having great 
difficulty resolving.

Minimal background:

What is a Description Resource?

It's a little block of RDF/OWL that contains a set of descriptors that 
can be applied to a group of resources - typically everything on a given 
Web site. The entity that publishes the Description Resource (DR) is 
always identified. The idea being that if you can authenticate that the 
entity really did describe the Web site that way, and if you trust that 
entity's judgement, the description is useful.

So we have 3 equally important components in a DR:
- Attribution (Who is saying this)
- Scope (what is being described)
- Descriptors.

The current public working draft of one of our Rec Track documents 
includes a generic example of a DR [4]. Each of the three components is 
clearly delineated as part of the DR. The processing model is set out 
below the generic example (including some sample SPARQL queries).

So here's the issue we can't solve.

Should the hasDescriptors property that links to the Descriptors Class 
be a property of the Description Resource or the Resource Set?

Arguments for each are set out in the doc. Any input would be extremely 
welcome as it's doing our heads in trying to solve this.

Thank you.



Phil Archer
Chief Technical Officer,
Family Online Safety Institute

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Received on Tuesday, 16 October 2007 10:05:28 UTC