POWDER WG timeline (hoped for)

I've had a couple of folk asking me for this so let me put it in the 
public domain on this list.

I believe the following is a realistic timeline for the POWDER WG.

This week (w/c 8 Oct 2007) the Grouping of Resources Document [1] will 
be updated. Subject to group resolution on Monday 15th, I hope this will 
go to Last Call and that we'll be able to review comments during the 
Boston f2f w/c 5 November.

Also during that f2f meeting, I hope we can resolve remaining issues in 
the Description Resources doc [2] and advance that to LC, closing around 
early December.

Several WG members are already planning test implementations and I 
believe it is realistic therefore to have some implementation reports by 
the end of the year. Thus the Candidate Recommendation (call for 
implementations) may be relatively brief so that we can hope to move to 
proposed Rec in January - it's a bit hard to be precise when the 
dependency is on other people's work schedules!

Now is the time to plan to carry out test implementations before the end 
of the year.

Based on feedback received so far, and discussions within the group, the 
biggest issue in the DR doc - the relationship between the resource Set 
and the descriptors that describe resources in that set -  is, I 
believe, likely to be resolved soon (in favour of RS -> hasDescriptors 
->Descriptors, not, as at present, DR -> hasRS and DR -> hasDescriptors. 
  Of the other main open issues, rel="powder" - seems to be covered well 
by simply creating an HTML profile as defined in HTML 4 (although we 
need to lobby alongside GRDDL and others to ensure that it is retained 
for HTML 5).

The harder issue is the HTTP Link Response Header - that may require 
work to lobby for its reintroduction and we may have to work around it 
in the Rec Track documents.

I know many group members share my determination to get the work done 
within our charter period which means full Rec status for both 
documents, plus a primer and the vocabulary namespace documents by the 
end of March 2008.

Hope this helps


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Family Online Safety Institute
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[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/powder-grouping/
[2] http://www.w3.org/TR/powder-dr/

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