Comment on Use Cases doc

I'm forwarding a slightly edited version of an e-mail I have received 
from Patrick Petit, formerly of Sun, now running a start up in Grenoble, 
  that includes a substantive comment on the Use Cases document.

=== begins ===

I have reviewed your document "POWDER Use Cases and Requirements". While
reading, I noticed that there may be one use case of importance that may 
be missing. You are certainly aware of Microsoft's new move in the 
identity management space called CardSpace. I have the intuition it will 
make a big hit and may change the child protection landscape on the web. 
The project aims to give users an info-card selector by witch they can 
assert claims about their identity or the identity of their dependents 
(i.e. managed Cardspace).

So, it seems to me that it would be interesting to include a POWDER  use
case where the site has established an access control policy and that 
the policy is enforced by access control logic that is consistent with 
the site's labeling attributes. For example, a site with adult content 
would deny access to users presenting an info-card asserting the user 
hasn't come of age or is explicitly denied access to sites with labeling 
attributes x,y,z.

=== ends ===

Received on Monday, 18 June 2007 11:54:28 UTC