SKOS topics and related concepts (was [foaf-dev] Re: updated FOAF spec)

On the foaf-dev mailing list, danbri wrote:
>> ... and discussions in SKOS scene about how to relate between a thing 
>> described as a topic (eg. the topic of Paris) and the "thing itself" 
>> (ie. the City). 

Later, Phil Archer wrote:
> as well but might be the SKOS topics and, quite possibly from FOAF,
> things like fundedBy and theme. Actually we're already planning to
> use skos:relatedConcept to anchor user-generated tags in something
> with better-defined semantics.

I've been wanting to use SKOS to link a tag to a POWDER description for 
some time, and have tried to bring this topic to the SWD WG, but 
received no reactions from there, so I've been wondering if it is just 
wrong and should be done in an entirely different way, or if it is just 
that emails fly easily under the radar.

It seems like the link between the topic (or tag) and the thing itself, 
is not something that is under consideration now. It clearly was in the 
old SKOS core guide:
and I would think that skos:relatedConcept has the range of 
skos:Concept, which would make it unusable for linking to a POWDER 
description. I was hoping there would be a SKOS property that 
reasonably could link a SKOS concept (i.e. in my case a tag) to a 
POWDER description as well as the real thing.

And I'd certainly like to hear if there are opinions here, and if there 
is a chance of this going into SKOS.


Kjetil Kjernsmo
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Received on Friday, 1 June 2007 07:35:05 UTC