Use Cases & Requirements Document consultation ends this Friday

The POWDER Use Cases document was published as a Working Group Note on 
25 May [1] when we stated that we'd welcome comments through until this 
Friday, 8th July.

We have received the following comments to date:

1. From Patrick Petit [1] concerning Microsoft's CardSpace ID management.
2. From Kjetil Kjernsmo offering a revised version of the use case 
concerning user-generated tags [2]
3. I have had an e-mail exchange with Kai Scheppe concerning use of 
POWDER relating to URL lists. The use case can be summarised as:

User wants to view a specific web page.
The child protection software checks the label on the site whether it
fits the profile the user has selected.
This profile may utilize, aside from the actual labelling information,
various repositories of specifically recommended websites (white lists)
or specifically blocked websites (black lists).
Thus the label should provide the ability to store information about
which repositories are to be used.

The Working Group will discuss these at the face to face meeting next 
week with the aim of publishing a revised UC doc shortly afterwards. 
Although the review period for this document ends this week, the WG 
will, of course, continue to welcome comments on usage scenarios.




Received on Wednesday, 4 July 2007 11:33:42 UTC