POI Core strawman: ISSUE-21: How should we specify the coordinate system used?

Hi Raj, et al,

This is my first response to these comments.  Here's how I'd like to work:

I'm going to be responding to almost all comments, but I'll break out each mail sent into a completely different thread for tracking purposes.  I believe Raj tried this but the "in-reply-to" headers kept them all in the same sub-thread.  Plus, I shot for a lower level of granularity in general.


This is in response to part of your message here:

The part about the CRS is now recorded here:

as ISSUE-21.

You wrote:

> reference: 
> http://www.georss.org/gml
> "If your GeoRSS GML data is in a coordinate reference system other than lat/lon WGS84 (often technically referred to as EPSG:4236), add in an srsName attribute to your geometry. 3D decimal degrees CRS example The key thing here is to use CRS epsg:4979, specify the srsDimension attribute, and include a third number in your coordinate tuple."

In trying to figure out what to use, I found OGC has this URN scheme documented:

Which seems appropriate.  Given that, I replaced the system attribute with srsname attribute, changed it's type to anyURI, and made the default value: urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG:6.6:4326

Can you confirm this is right?  Also, I see the GML page says EPSG:4236, but I believe it's 4326, is that right?



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