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Fwd: ISSUE-31 (establishing-relationships): How do we establish a relative relationship between two points?

From: Thomas Wrobel <darkflame@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 00:20:24 +0200
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This has to be solved after we have a way to give POIs unique ids.

Assuming the IDs are URIs I think the simplistic method is just to
have a "RelativeTo" field that takes Uri.
If that field is specified then the co-ordinates of its position are
considered to be relative to that parent Uri.

The only issue I see here is that of scale, if the parent URI is
positioned with a form lat/long, its almost certainly more usefull for
anything positioned relative to it to be positioned in meters. (or
another much smaller scale).

In this way you can position a buildings POI earth-relative with
lat/long/alt, but then position items on the building relative to it
in meters x/y/z.
As we should be allowing different co-ordinate systems anyway, Id
suggest simply having different defaults when a parent poi has been

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> ISSUE-31 (establishing-relationships): How do we establish a relative relationship between two points?
> http://www.w3.org/2010/POI/track/issues/31
> Raised by: Matt Womer
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> And Relative also seems like a relationship between two (or more)
> mutually consenting points.  At the moment it seems un-resolved as to
> how the "another location" is defined and how you would deal with the
> movement of that "another location".  If it's just a relationship
> between Points then this is simply a reference and all the rest is
> pretty straightforward.
> ]]
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